Good morning from Texas

I've been wrangling bento for my tiny family for a few months now, and decided it was finally time to stop lurking in the shadows. Of the 4 bentos I make (almost daily) 3 of them absolutely refuse to eat a laundry list of items normally found within the usual bento lineup. Adding to those requirements a few food allergies (peanuts, lactose, tomatoes..) and the different objectives of each box eater, two for weight loss, one for weight gain/maintenance, and one to not feel absolutely starving by the time school finally lets out.. it's been interesting. I can at least take comfort in my significant other's enjoyment of the change (he used to eat out with coworkers daily..). I'm looking forward to bouncing ideas off such a wonderful group of people. =^.^= Oh, T'Marie is just Mary in Vulcan.. I'm terrible at choosing names..