The good Japanese restaurant Hall of Fame!

(Another interesting topic from the forums. Nominate your favorites, especially those hidden neighborhood gems!) I had recently been reading the Hall of Shame thread, when that day I went out to lunch and tried a local Japanese restaurant that was recommended to me. I've been on a kind of quest lately to fine a really good Japanese restaurant near my home. There are so many Sushi places here I figured it wouldn't be too hard, but so far I've been disapointed in some way. A lot were pretty good, but missed on some point or other. Some have been plain bad and some have been good, but not good enough to justify the really high price. Which I'm willing to pay once in a while if it's really outstanding food. Also, would like it to be a Japanese food restaurant, not just sushi. And I think I found one; Sushi Kuni. It's right in my hometown too! Cupertino, CA, on De Anza Blvd. A cute little stand alone cottage house next to a modern strip mall, it used to be a home probably 50 years ago. I don't know how old the restaurant is but the setting is so cute with a tiny garden out front. It is small and can get crowded so it's good to come early. The inside decor had lots of pretty light wood and mats, and lanterns. Very fresh and clean looking. You can take a table or sit at the bar, no boats. The menu has standard sushi fare, but also lots of other Japanese foods, like udon and such. Also, I noticed that as it's getting warmer, they had an added menu of cold noodles, like soba. I didn't have them but I will be going back soon, and will try them. We had the nigiri plate and the chirashi sushi. Oh soooo gooood!! the fish was so fresh! They had octopus on the chirashi and it wasn't at all tough, it was delicious! And the sushi rice!! Ah! I found my perfect rice at last! Glossy and translucent, with just enough chew, but tender. And the seasoning vinegar was just wonderful! Not too strong, but it could be tasted. MMMMM I'm in love! I'll be going back a lot I think! If you know of any other outstanding Japanese restaurant, please share!