Good day from England

Hi, i'm saffron, i'm 20 years old and i like just outside london started looking at bento all of hmm... 30 minutes ago. I was making my lunch for work tomorrow when my rher came down to show me this months bizarre magazine. on the very back page they had a bento box penguin. couldn't beleive it. so i started looking online at boxes and recepes and realised i had make (albeit a very crude) bento box. pesto pasta one side, spinich in one corner and an olive tomato salad in the other. (it may have also been from being raised on saturday morning anime and always loving the cute little lunchboxes.) so got to browsing and now i want to take little bento boxes for me an my lovely boyfriend who adores japanese culture but unfortunatly doesn't know a flying monkeys about half of it (i spent a good while explaining proper sake ettiquette to him...but you've gotta love them!) other than that i guess not much to tell, so just getting started in bento, love sushi and all things miniature. love things in boxes and love food. i make a wicked chocolate cake! nice to be making your aquantainces please be gentle -.-
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