A glut of greens

Help! I work in a community garden, and it's greens season! I already plan to make furikake with my radish and beet tops, and I've put "mixed Asian greens," arugula and turnip greens in stir fries, vegan tofu burgers, and curry, but I still have about another 4 cups of turnip greens, and more mixed Asian greens and arugula than I can eat in salads. I need more ideas of how to use them (especially the turnip greens -- could I add them to the furikake?), because I'll only be getting more over the next several weeks (including chard, red mustard, kale, and lettuces, and possibly broccoli and cabbage leaves as well). Ideally, I'd love some recipes that could freeze well, but I can't stand mushy, overcooked greens which are so common in the Southern U.S., and frozen greens often turn mushy.
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