Forum rules and guidelines

Our aim is to have a comfortable, friendly and spam-free community. To this end, here are some simple rules.

General Simple Rules

  • Don't be an ass. Trolling, flaming, taunting, spamming, etc. = being an ass.
  • Ass-y comments will be deleted. The decision of the moderators and admin are final.
  • If you don't like it, go away.
  • If in doubt, see above.
  • Anonymous comments are allowed but put in a moderation queue. If you want to avoid that, please register.
  • Any registered user who repeatedly engaged in problematic behavior will be banned.

Recipe posting guidelines

  • Please only post your own recipes (or those you have permission to post online from, family recipes, etc.)
  • If you find recipes on other sites that you want to share, please post the link to the original recipe page, but don't copy-paste the whole thing. (An excerpt is ok).
  • If it's a recipe from a book, you can post it as long as you've adapted and changed it. Please let us know the source book.

Promoting your blog or site

  • You can put a link to your own blog(s) in your forum signature as well as your profile. You may also promote your commercial, bento-related site, bento related items for sale and so on in the Marketplace section, and your blog and blog events in the Blog Events section.
  • Beyond that, please don't use the forums as an opportunity to spam everyone. Posts deemed to be too spammy will be deleted.

Posting about weight loss/dieting and related matters

  • Please take any weight loss or medically related advice given here with a grain of salt. We are not medical professionals (some of might be but we are unknown people on the internet, so you don't know!). Before embarking on any type of weight loss program, it is highly advisable to consult a medical professional.
  • Posts that link to borderline weight loss products such as diet pills, dubious or controversial weight loss programs and so on are considered to be spam and will be removed, and the poster will receive a warning.

(These rules are subject to revision at the discretion of the site admin and moderators. Last revised February 7 2009.)