Forum and community features

Here's my to to-do/done list enhanced site features. Most have to do with enhancing community features, and giving an extra plus to registered members. I'll update this list periodically so you can see what new features have been added.


  • User pics on each account page. How to add a pic.
  • Signatures for comments and forum posts. How to add one
  • 'Favorite' a post, forum topic, etc. Just click the heart link at the bottom of a post when it appears. You can track your favorites on the Your Favorites page. (You can still track all your activity, including your own posts and comments, favorited, etc. from the Tracker link on your Account page.)
  • 'New Forum Activity since last visit' list, as per BarbJ's request and because it's an awesome idea. You'll see the listing below the main forum listing on the forum pages (if there has been any new activity), plus a link to the main new forum activity page in the Your Account, etc. link section.
  • Private message feature - actually this is already available! Just click the little envelope icon under the user name. (If you don't see an envelope it means that person has disabled their personal contact form.)
  • An enhanced user profile page with more scope for adding information - see this post.
  • 'Flag item' feature (the X at the bottom of each post or comment)
  • An RSS feed for new forum topics


  • Buddylist (is one needed?)
  • WYSIWYG input
  • Anything else?