forming 4 triangular onigiri in a bowl

hello everyone, i'm kind of fond of the triangular onigiri (not much triangular foods around) and can't seem to get it right with the cup-and-wrap method. i don't own any molds, so i usually just make them by hand. today i made a smaller amount of rice than usual- from just 1 cup, which i figured would produce 4 plain onigiri. i took all the rice out of the cooker and put it into a flat round china bowl to cool a little before handling. the bowl was slightly wet, so nothing would stick. i patted the rice down very lightly in the bowl and drew a cross on it with a non-stick spatula for 4 equal amounts, but, surprise! four very nearly perfect onigiri shapes were looking up at me from the bowl! i carefully separated the triangles, patting the rice in shape, then used my wet hands to straighten them out. it seemed to take no time at all! (at least compared with my usual approach of "grab a ladle of rice and turn it in your hands until it looks good"). i had them sprinkled with gomasio, together with some garlicky simmered peppers and miso-lemon marinated fried salmon. oh, and the rice grains were not mushed or anything, maybe because i was really careful. :) this is not a recipe, more like a bit of simple geometry, but i thought i'd share it, as everybody likes to save a little time now and then and somehow, this hadn't occurred to me until now.. rehfilet