First time cooking

Ok, so here is where you can post about how you survived cooking on your own for the first time. I didn't start cooking on my own until last year around this time. I moved into my first apartment on my own (with a room mate of course). Before I moved, I had found this book called "College Cooking: Feed Yourself and Your Friends" ( It's been a great way to teach me how to cook basic recipes (plus my mom told me how to cook her recipes too...) and it's really helped! That's how I started to get into cooking more and now I love to cook (even though my current apartment has a really tiny stupid kitchen). Now I can cook simple things up real quick. XD But I still get lazy and make mac and cheese out of the box. Probably my favorite thing to make (this is not fancy or anythig) is mac and cheese out the box. It's usually when i don't have any food or i'm lazy. Add some hot dogs and yum. XD Anyway, share your recipes. And if you are new to cooking (and a poor college student like me) go pick up that book!