Favorite complete bento or individual recipe from Just Bento?

Recently, I lost a lot of my favorite recipes on Just Bento and Just Hungry. Most of them were no longer on my favorites page anymore. Maki suggested using a bookmarking site to save the recipes I liked, and yesterday I finally joined one. I decided to go through all of Maki's posts on Just Bento to find my favorite recipes again, and also to see all the cool posts Maki had made before I joined. In the process, I came to fully appreciate just how much effort and detail Maki puts into her sites! I think that, because the internet makes it so easy to access any information one could want, it's easy to forget that someone actually puts a lot of time and work into many of the sites people love. I know I have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of Maki's work, so I was wondering about the enjoyment other people got from the site. So, please tell me, what is your favorite recipe or complete bento off of Just Bento? It could be one that Maki made or one by another member. If you can't decide, list several! Just Hungry recipes are OK, too. If you have an interesting story about how Just Bento or Just Hungry has made you happy, please share! My favorite recipe on here is the curried kidney beans and vegetables recipe: http://justbento.com/handbook/recipe-collection-mains/curried-kidney-beans-and-vegetables It was the recipe I used in my first bento. I like it because it's super easy to make, tasty, and it uses ingredients that I always have in my fridge or pantry. It's easily customizable, not to mention vegetarian! Another favorite recipe of mine is the cauliflower salad recipe submitted by bronwyncarlisle. http://justbento.com/forum/cauliflower-salad Although she says it's her friend's recipe, she still did everyone a favor by submitting it here! The ingredients sound pretty strange, but I tried it anyway because I trust everyone's food tastes on Just Bento. It was so amazing. Both my roommate and my boyfriend love it! The first time I made it for my boyfriend, we ha just moved into our new apartment, and we had hardly any cooking supplies. I managed to make it using only a rice cooker, a large mug, and a soup spoon. I served it to my boyfriend and told him it might not be great because I had to improvise so much, but he inhaled it! So, anyway, please share your favorite recipes! And thank you Maki for creating such wonderful websites, and putting so much time, energy, and love into them.