Excited to be new here

aloha!! I am Caroline, right now I am living on the mainland in Ventura, CA, but will be moving permanently to No. Shore , Oahu. I can't tell you how excited to find all of you.....my son is at Waseda Univ. right now but will be coming home in July (actually I will be going to japan for 10 days in July to help bring him home). He wants to continue to eat like he has the past year, so I am starting from scratch and will need ALOT of help. This website was truly a God send. I have read so much just this day but I still have a very basic question, that I can't seem to understand: Rice!!!! I seem to be having a difficult time understanding what the correct one is. I have always purchased Calrose extra fancy, but I understand it is not the correct kind for the cooking I am going to be doing. I do have a source to go shopping (huge asian market, mostly Korean) so getting the rice shouldn't be a problem, but I really need to have some guidance. Of course I have other questions, but feel a bit overwhelmed right now.. Mahalo for all your help! Caroline