The difference time makes

Recently I've been trying "new" things - things that in the past, I haven't liked. Even though I remember trying them in the past and being thoroughly disgusted with these foods, by trying them again I have opened up delicious new possibilities for cooking! Mostly seafood like shrimp, prawns, crab, scallops, clams, but also just today Soy Milk. This one was tricky for me, since I have a very clear memory of trying it at my (vegetarian) friend's house when I was 13 or so and barely being able to get the stuff down. But, standing in line at one of my university's many food places - I hadn't planned on being here for lunch - I needed a drink, and preferably a cheap one. I didn't really want milk, since I'd been drinking it at home a lot. On a leap of faith, I decided to try it - turns out it's really tasty! I guess the lesson is always try things if given the opportunity, you never know. So, what foods did you dislike as a kid that you like now? What things do you still hate?
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