Chickpeas salad

Now that spring is coming I'm thinking about some warm weather friendy recipes that my mother usually makes. And this is what i remembered: Chickpeas salad (4-5 servings) - 1 flask of pre-cooked chickpeas (these are sold in spain, i guess the total wheight of the boiled chickpeas is about 300 gr). - a bag or a can of green olives (better to use the 'manzanilla' variety, even better if they are sold without the stone) (like 100 gr). Do not use black olives, their taste won't go well with the salad! - 1 medium size tomato - 1 boiled egg (optional) - half an onion (if you use french onions, 1 or 2 will be ok) - Some lettuce. I use one of those little lettuce cores... No idea of how are they called. Like a cup or a cup and a half of julianna cut lettuce will be ok. - olive oil and vinegar for dressing to taste. 1.- If you bought the chickpeas pre-cooked, rinse them very well and drain. If you don't rinse them they'll have stew flavor which is what chickpeas are normally used for. 2.- While the chickpeas are draining, cut the onion in very small squares. 3.- Wash the tomato and cut it in small cubes 4.- Drain the olives. Cut each olive in 3 slices. This is absolutely optional of course but that way the whole look of the salad will be nicer. If your olives still have the stone inside, leave them as they are but be careful not to chew very hard on them when eating ;) 5.- Peel the boiled egg and cut it in small cubes. 6.- If uncut, cut the lettuce in julianna stye. 7.- Once everything is cut, mix it all toguether in a bowl and add the dressing (I usually put 3 parts of olive oil and 1 of vinegar). This makes a great salad for summer (my mum makes it like 3 times a week in summer). It also is rather inexpensive and easy, and of course very very healthy. It doesn't need salt because the olives are usually sold in a watery and very salty solution for their conservation so they'll add all the salt you'll need. I actually like to add lots of olives in this salad. This is usually made for lunch time because chickpeas are not good for dinner (you'll have nightmares...). But when you make it save a part for your bento. If you boil the chickpeas on you own, they should be 'al dente' (not too hard, not overcooked) but if you are not too sure about it it's better for them to be a little soft :) There's nothing worse than hard chickpeas >_< - You should leave your bento reserve without dressing or the lettuce will spoil. Bring the dressing in a container and add it when about to eat. - If you are worried about the eggs in summer, just don't add them to the salad. - This will last for a few days in the fridge. I guess you can omit the lettuce and add it when about to assembling your bento for more freshness. And that way the salad will last longer in the fridge. I hope you like this salad. It's defenitely my favourite :)
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