Building up a bento staple list for the poor college student

(From the forums...what's on your bento staple list? - maki)

Hello & hate to pop back in after so long.

So I've FINALLY found the right opportunity to start bento-ing. I'll be living in dorms next year, but it'll be an apartment set up, so i'll have my own freaking kitchen to cook.

So I was wondering if I could get suggestions on a staple list that I can acquire at your basic grocery store. I live in the bay area of CA so Safeway, Costco, Walmarts are the best options for me.

Does anyone have suggestions on wholesale brands that you purchase from their for your bento creations?

I was thinking things such as rice, chicken breasts, and veggies, but I'm not familiar with brands I should try.

Thank you. :D