Bento-making with Food Intolerances!

Hi! I'm new here and new to bento-making -- though not new to the idea of bento and the love of the charaben's cuteness. Like a lot of people, I am sure, I became interested in them after watching anime. I will be making bento for myself and my fiance. Unfortunately for both of us, I have food intolerances -- anything dairy or dairy-derived and possibly gluten -- and don't eat meat, so our bentos will be on the vegan and possible gluten-free side of things. I'm interested in bento as a way to make sure I know exactly what is in our food. This way I can avoid trouble, you see? (: Plus, I like making them for him, and I enjoy making them for myself! It works out all around. Other than this, I'm in nursing for my job and I am learning how to garden, also. I am pagan, I like tea, and I like to knit. I hope to enjoy this website and have many uses for it! はぢめまして!