Bento Love <3 from MN

Hello everybody! I am Tala Rayne (not my real name) from MN, USA. I have loved to make obento for a long time, but usually do not actually do it >.< I hope to start again, because it is cute and also to help me with portion control!! I like to eat A LOT! I went back to Taiwan over winter break and bought some small animal sauce container (like on and some furikake shakers and I want to use them now! <3 Other things I like are: sewing, lolita fashion, dance (why I need to lose weight!), animals (my bunny Akito is a brat!), cute things, being crafty (crocheting, scrapbooking, sewing, I want to do it all!) I am going to school for Apparel Technologies and hope to meet friends here!
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