Bento for Busy Student on a Diet

Hello, I'm a High-School student from U.S.A. who wants to make a lunch before beginning my classes so that I can just grab it and eat at 12:00 or 1:00 PM (lunch-time); the Japanese style of preparing lunch is handy for work and school. I don't like the process of cooking, but I like to put the individual pieces of the meal into my boxes and arrange it how I like in a cute or pretty way. It makes preparing food a little more exciting. Whenever we (my parents and I) order Chinese food from our favorite take-out place, that place gives us plastic microwavable boxes that are perfect for a bento lunch. Free bento boxes! I am also starting a specific diet. I'm 5'4", my current weight is 100 lbs. and my weight goal is 115-120 lbs. My diet consists of dairy, rice, potatoes, nuts, and root vegetables. For a while I have not been eating lunch. Making a bento will help me keep up with my diet, hopefully! I plan to post pictures of my bento creations on this site before I eat them up. They will be on justbento/justhungry soon.
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