The Bento and the Pendulum or rather HI from Punxsy PA!

Hello all, My Name is Tia I am from Punxsy PA. My subject line is poking fun at my self because I have swung back and forth in my decision to start doing bento Lunches. I looked at bentos a year or so ago when I stumbled across Cooking Cute, then I got busy & forgot about it. Summer of 08 rolled around and I was Diagnosed with PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom, High Blood Pressure, High Cholestorol,Pre Diabetic & food allergies :( Except for the PCOS & Allergies most of the problems can be remedied with exercise & weight loss...and for the last 4 months of 08 I ignored that advice ;) Then of course newyears came, and the New Years Resolution.... part #1 of my resolution was to take the darn meds I was prescribed for the PCOS, HBP & HC. I went & got a pill box and so far that has been successful! Part #2 Increas eating veggies & Fruit...Most days this has worked. I tracked my daily foods at for a week & veggies were down in 08...09 they are definatly on the rise. But I am horribly sick of salads already. Part#3 was to exercise more...I got a variety of exercise dvd's Tai CHi, Balance ball, belly dancing, hopeing the change would keep me interested. This is unfortunatly on hold as my DH is laid off...I refuse to exercise in front of him..he can be an insensitive jerk some days. Anyway back to Bento's. I refound Bentos about a month ago & realized what great "diet" tools they could be! I have been packing food in divided tupperware & glad ware so far. I anticipate a shipment of Cute goodies to arrive from IbanchiKan this week! I also Scored a Nightmare before christmas set off of E-bay yesterday..but that is a B-day gift for my cousin she is Bento'ing too! I have been readign everythgin i can find & I really enjoy seeign every ones encouragement here. I hope to be a contributing member like so many of you once I hit my bento stride :) Thank you! Tia
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