Another student

Why hello there! ^_^ I'm Leelee also known as laplinp around the interwebs in other places and I am 20 years old and a student at De Montfort University studying Media Production BSc (which means theres maths and electronics involved :( ). And I have only just started getting into Bento and have made loads of recipes of Maki's (in fact I am doing some more tonight to replenish my dwindling freezer stock) My only trouble is the veg. I love veg but it goes off so quick and its not very cheap. I need to find ways of making it interesting and freezable. Oh! And I got my first actual bento box through the post on Saturday! Its awesome, a blue Daiso Lovely box! I did accidentally microwave the rubber lid though >.< It not fitting quite right now, but I'll fix it somehow! That's enough I'm waffling now :D
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