★xx~Ways to eat your rice~xx★

★xx~Ways to eat your rice~xx★ By ziuziuziu x) From my daily life experiences, I know that rice can taste pretty boring :( I have absolutely no idea if these will suit your tastes or not but ... haha just endure it. These are ways to make your rice tastier (or healthier)!! ~~~~FOR THE SWEET-TOOTHS~~~~ You can use fruits such as APPLES , MANGOS , ORANGES , PEARS , PINEAPPLES ... etc ...and cut them up into small pieces. ( small enough to mix with rice i guess..) or Add sprinkles/chocolate chips WARNING THIS IS NOT A GOOD CHOICE FOR DIETERS! :( or add coconut shreddings or add a BIT of honey or mix strawberry jam (or basically any type of jam) into the rice.. mix well... ~~~~FOR THE EXOTIC LOVERS~~~~ Mix it with a curry of your choice. or add little bits of seaweed ( nori ) or add salt/ table spoon of soy sauce WARNING: PLEASE REFRAIN FROM EATING THIS TOO MUCH AS EXCESSIVE SALT IS BAD FOR YOU X( or mint leaves ( yay for breath fresheners ) or tofu ( with soy sauce.. most preferably :P) or lemon juice or Ketchup with egg ( scrambled, cut up and boiled, fried, the yolk... etc.) with rice. or Pork Floss ( it tastes best with congee though! ) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rousong ~~~~FIGHT PROBLEMS!~~~~ FOR CONSTIPATION: use flax/linseed seeds to push out the poop :) High Fibre - mix rice with high fibre things such as CARROTS and CELERY High Carb - mix rice with grain OR mix rice with beans ( lentils, white beans.. etc ) NOTE: lentils are COMPLEX CARBS so they can keep you full for a long time. Don't eat it if you're planning to have a snack later haha.... ~~~~REPLACEMENTS~~~~ You can replace the rice with... -CORN -BROWN/RED RICE -RYE BERRIES ~~~~EXPERIMENTAL THINGS THAT MAY NOT BE NECESSARILY CORRECT XD~~~~ so... HAVE YOU EVER TRIED STEAMING RICE WITH TEA INSTEAD OF WATER? I have never tried it, but apparently(says my mom) the rice will have traces of the tea and it'll taste like it... Kinda like how Hainan Chicken Rice is made... you can use Chamomile Tea, Herbal Tea (YUCK...), any kind of tea.... what about using coffee? hehe.. HAVE YOU EVER TRIED MAKING CABBAGE ROLLS? I dunno if you have or not... but I personally find it a lot easier than making onigri x( Just boil a cabbage/lettuce leaf.. Put the rice ( and other stuff..) in the middle-ish.... Wrap it kinda like a present.. left-in, right-in, top-in, bottom in... stick in a toothpick.... serve... Or you could just wrap it like a ...TACO :D *WILL BE ADDING MORE LATER :)*