Bento box review: The Idea bento box may just be the ideal bento box


A review of a very versatile bento box that's especially good for bento beginners.

Great bento box makers: A visit to Hakoya in Ishikawa, Japan


In April, I had the opportunity to pay a visit to one of my favorite Japanese bento box makers, Hakoya. Here's my report, with lots of eye candy for bento box lovers!

Salameshi, a TV program about working peoples' lunches on NHK


A review of a fun program on NHK, the Japanese national broadcaster, about the lunches regular Japanese working people eat.

Looking at thermal bento sets and lunch jars


Do you like the idea of bentos, but not the idea of eating cold food all the time for lunch? Or maybe you just yearn for some hot soup in the winter months, but you don't have access to a microwave at lunchtime. A thermal bento set or lunch jar could be just what you need. But which one?

Comparing bento box materials (table)

Are you confused about what material is most appropriate for bento boxes? Plastic is easy available, or maybe you want something greener - but is the extra cost worth it? Here's a handy comparison chart to help you make the right choices.


Hi everyone! I am still in hospital, but am feeling a lot better and spending most of my day sitting up instead of lying like a sad floppy seal in bed. And most of all, I have my laptop and internet access! I can't post much in the way of bentos and recipes until I get out, but I do have some things that I was working on before I had to have my emergency surgery.

These days, there are some great dedicated sellers of Japanese bento boxes that can be relied upon to bring you the best of what is available in Japan (see the sidebar for some of the best, who are also smart enough to sponsor JustBento ^_^.) Still, I do like to keep an eye out for non-traditional boxes and containers that can be used for bentos. Here are three such boxes.


With Father's Day coming up, I thought I'd take a look at some guy-friendly bento boxes and related items available from the bento retail world. While there is nothing to prevent a guy from using a pink bunny bento box with cherry and flower-themed chopsticks if he so chooses, most men may prefer their bentos to be a bit more understated.

Bento box and equipment reviews and information

In this section, I've grouped all of my reviews and 'spotlight' features of bento boxes and related supplies. (Note, this section is a work in progress.)