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A Note About the Soup and Muffin Bento

A small but critical correction for the Soup and Muffin Bento which starts on page 102.

On page 103, the amount of flour in the Basic Savory Muffin batter for the Cheese and Edamame Muffin recipe is wrong. Instead of 1 cup (125g) of cake flour, use 2 cups (250g) cake flour (or all-purpose flour). This applies for all of the muffin variations on the next page too.

My apologies for this typo!

Note that this error appears in the first edition only. It's been corrected in subsequent editions.

The Just Bento Cookbook on Japanese TV, and how the Japanese media is looking at the spread of 'bento culture' overseas

The Just Bento Cookbook was mentioned quite prominently on a daytime news and current topics show called Wide! Scramble (ワイド!スクランブル)on TV Asahi, a Japanese televison channel, as part of a nearly 7 minute feature about the growing popularity of bentos around the world. I was really excited to see my book so prominently mentioned on a national network of course, but it's also an interesting look at how the Japanese media regards the increasing popularity of bentos internationally.


The final giveaway for Back To School Week 2010 is....

The Just Bento Cookbook: Table of Contents and a sneak peek inside!


More The Just Bento Cookbook news: a look at the Table of Contents, and a sneak peek inside the book!

News about The Just Bento Cookbook


News about The Just Bento Cookbook (and yes, that's the official title now!) It's even available for pre-order on all the Amazons!

The Just Bento Cookbook

In this section, you'll find all the news, updates and so on about the Just Bento Cookbook: Everyday Lunches To Go, and its sequel, the Just Bento Cookbook 2: Make Ahead, Easy, Health Lunches To Go.


Back from Japan, and some thoughts about bentos


Some bento-related thoughts on returning from Japan.