Bonus Bento Item of the Week: Onigiri bento towel set


While I was browsing around looking at the furoshiki featured in the previous post, I came upon this adorable gift set. It's not quite edible, but who cares? I would love to get a little present like this any time.

It's a towel and soap set. The onigiri or omusubi and the yellow thing (which could be tamagoyaki or inarizushi) are hand towels, and the egg is a soap. There's no description of the cherry tomato, so I'm assuming that's just plastic. It's packed in a wood and bamboo bento box, which may not be practical for use as an actual bento box since it has no lid, but would be a nice for holding pens or something. The problem though is that I couldn't bear to actually use the towels...I'd want to keep them in pristine condition just like they are. Bento-themed bathroom accessories? Why not?

There are two more similar sets, equally cute.

  • Price: 1050 yen (plus 300 yen shipping in Japan. They don't ship overseas...rats!)
  • Link

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