Report of week two

  • Posted on: 25 January 2009
  • By: anon.
As I now have a nice place to put all my reports and "goals to reach" I will start with the report on week 2. The fokus has been on making healthier bentos, than before. I wanted to check the amount of rice I was putting in my bento, and after I measured it, I actually reduced it by half! I also wanted to finde some more vegies I like when cold. But as it is winter, there are not that much vegies to find fresh, and I'm really picki. So instead of finding new ones I will try to finde more ways to make them. As I had more room in my box this week, half of th rice is gone, I but more vegies in it. And they was as filling as before I reduced the rice! So have a look on my benots of the last week: The monday bento: 20090119 As you can see there is much room in there, I under estimated the room I had and made not enough vegetables to put in. It is rice, with carrot-sesam furikake, carrots, kohlrabi and cherry tomatos. As protein I took two mini burgers and an egg. Nothig fancy, but I liked it. The tuesday bento: 20090120 And here is even more room. I made only broccoli and cherry tomatos as my vegetables and not enough of them........ The wednesday bento: 20090121 But I learned! Now I know how much room there is. And I created for myself a little broccoli-forest which has it's roots in a layer of kohlrabi and is sorrounded by pieces of paprika. An egg two mini burgers and the rice makes it complete. So the last week went much better than the first. - I sticked better to my plan (have not been difficult, as I didn't stick to it last week) - I made my bento healthier, by reducing the amount of rice and making more vegetables Let's see how the next week will go!
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