Why I bento: bento = love

  • Posted on: 23 April 2009
  • By: anon.
As I was writing a new forum topic, I tapped into a deeper reason why I like this new hobby so much. It turns out my boyfriend who thought it's kinda lame (and cute) is one of the main reasons I do it. I wrote this passage and decided it was better to place into my bento blog. "I started a bento box because well, it makes me feel happy inside. :3 It helps me wake up early to pack my lunch, use food and left-overs in the kitchen that usually get wasted. It also helps me stop buying "out on a whim" desserts and food at restaurants and cafes (which are pricey!). Also, and most of all, recently, it's started to be a cute project with my boyfriend and I. We both used to pursue culinary arts and have a certain love for cooking. Seeing all the yummy food I'm making makes him interact with this new hobby. Hehe, and when we get older, he'll know that I'll pack him a good lunch for work. So, I guess this bento boxing idea helps my soul and heart more than anything else. :] bento = love." My boyfriend is pretty much my best friend (we live together, but he still would be the number one person I talk/hang out with everyday). He's the love of my life and making him happy and healthy and excited about what I'm going to cook next makes me even happier. Whenever I put a smile on that man's face, from tripping as I walk or a fresh batch of muffins I just baked, it makes me feel like the happiest person alive. Yeah... I'm head over heels xD. It also makes him happy.. because now I don't buy my lunches anymore. He's very frugal (which is good) and plans to buy a house soon, so we need to save up money. It's a little bit, but it does add up. I already saved about twenty dollars in the last two weeks by packing lunch. But, from these little steps, I have already started cutting back on a lot of things: less hair styling products and just let it air dry (no electricity=earth friendly) or braid it; less make-up and just wear the same six colors I have (I tend to do that: I will want to buy some kind of eye shadow or eyeliner just because it's a different color. I sure other girls agree or do the same xD), or play with my cat with old string or hairties rather than buy her new cat toys. Little saves add up and it's really influencing. With all the savings and such, maybe in a year or two, we will have settled down with a nice house and car and be ready to marry. Hehe, we are a little backwards on this, but he wants to make sure we will be supported enough to have a family (even if it's just us two). Oh, and when I will have kids, I will have brand new reasons to make bento lunches. ^__^ This blog made me a little teary.. lol I bet if you could see me, my eyes would be smiling. Perhaps I will make a lovey-dovey bento snack for him tonight after he gets back from work. Maybe a heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
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