Friday 23rd July

  • Posted on: 23 July 2010
  • By: anon.
Friday is the day when I take my daughter to work with me and leave her in the (unrelated) nursery that occupies the same building. My daughter is definitely not a morning person and it takes time to convince her to cooperate in getting ready and leaving the house. Fridays are not the easiest days to make bento. Last night, after we went to bed, my husband made lunch for us. This morning all I had to do was pack the prepared ingredients into the boxes. Wonderful! Of course, I can't explain what my lunch consisted of - and I'm not sure he could either, he has a throw everything in the pan and hope for the best approach to cooking. Thankfully, it's usually pretty successful. So my lunch was a kind of donburi affair of rice and topping. From what I could tell it was minced Quorn (a meat substitute) with chopped onion, green peppers, courgette, fresh tomato and Ja Jiang sauce which gave it a rich, deep, almost aniseed-like taste. Very moreish! I made up a whole tier of this combination and three quarters of another tier. The remaining section I filled with cabbage kimchi and finally finished off the packet I opened on Monday. Not the most appealing bento to look at. But, boy, did it taste good!