Next week planning

  • Posted on: 21 September 2009
  • By: anon.
I went shoping yesterday and today my mother gave me some food so this is what I got: - Meat pudding with apple sauce (made by mum) - Green beans salad (made by mum) - Chickpea salad (by me). Probably it's spoiled by now I made it on wednesday... - Broccoli - Pasta and lots of things for pasta salad - Tomato and Kumato - Veggie kinpira - 1/4 watermelon (yummy) and lots of fruit - Green pepper and carrots Ok so this is next week's food plan: Monday: kinpira, green beans salad and meat pudding. Some watermelon. Tuesday: kinpira, Broccoli, chickpea salad and meat pudding. Fruit. Wednesday: pasta salad, cherry tomatoes filled with philadelphia cheese, omelette, fruit. Thursday: cherry tomatoes filled with philadelphia cheese, kinpira, whatever salad leftovers i happen to have, broccoli. Fruit. Friday: eating home *n_n* Ok so the only things i have to cook are... broccoli and pasta salad which will be propperly done on tuesday. Maybe I'll ask my hubby to buy some zuccini too and add it to a bento some day. yum! Maybe I'll need to add some bread or something, sometimes i feel a little hungry like 2 hours after having lunch!
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