Bento vendor news: Bento accessories giveaway at All Things For Sale

Here’s more news from the bento world. All Things For Sale is having a great bento accessories and tools giveaway - and all you have to do is to leave a comment at the bottom of the page linked here saying why you like bento-ing. One lucky winner will be able to choose between one of 4 adorable sandwich cutter sets, plus a big box of other bento goodies such as cutters, cups, picks, even a panda-bag to carry your bento in!


They will ship the prize for free anywhere in the world, so anyone can enter. (Don’t forget, they offer free shipping within the U.S. for regular orders.) Sandwich cutters are cleverly engineered so that there’s very little waste after you’ve cut the cute shapes out of regular sliced bread sandwiches, and are such an easy way to get into cute bento (or lunch box) making for your kids or anyone else. Cut-out sandwiches are great for kids’ parties too - or for adults who like playful food! Check up on the list of items you could win, and comment to enter, right here. The deadline is July 11, 2011.

(Just to make sure: you don’t enter the giveaway by leaving a comment on JustBento. You leave a comment on the All Things For Sale site. Good luck! ^_^ )

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Re: Bento vendor news: Bento accessories giveaway at All ...

JustBento is such a great resource. I packed my first bento boxes for a conference/show last week and was really happy that I had delicious food (and not more than I really wanted!) for a lot less money than the people who bought.

I think the best thing about it was I packed the box with veggies, and the only vegetables you could buy from the food vendors were french fries. I think the people I sat with for lunch were jealous.

Now, of course, I am craving bento accessories, so this contest comes at a great time for me!

Re: Bento vendor news: Bento accessories giveaway at All ...

Packing a bento for a conference is a great idea! Too often, food sold at conferences is both mediocre and expensive.

Re: Bento vendor news: Bento accessories giveaway at All ...

I could go on and on about why i love making and eating obento, but the best thing of all is I can fit both lunch and dinner in my bike bag (with room for my books and a change of clothes! =o) and after my 4 mile cycling commute everything is still beautiful and delicious, not matter how bumpy the ride! Take that 10% restaurant tax!

Re: Bento vendor news: Bento accessories giveaway at All ...

I started packing a bento in a old Tupperware container when I first started working full time. It gave me a quick way to prepare lunches for everyone that were healthy. I've only recently started getting into kitchen devices like toaster ovens and mini-grills. I'd love to start getting into sandwich cutters.

Re: Bento vendor news: Bento accessories giveaway at All ...

As a broke college student living in the library, coming across food that is even remotely edible (let alone healthy) is nearly impossible. Bentos make my life so much easier (and healthier and easier, thanks to your lovely bento ideas, Maki)!!

My reasons for having a bento ::
1) Ease
My bag is full of my notebooks, lab goggles, and super cool calculators, so there isn't much room for much else. But there is ALWAYS room for my small cute bento box! It holds so much yummy food (which is always quick and easy to prepare) and barely takes up any space!

2) Health
Bentos are so fresh and full of wonderful natural foods that look precious, taste amazing, and makes me feel great after eating them.

3) CUTE!!
I've always believed that if it's cute and edible, it's gotta be good for you. And let's face it, these accessories will definitely raise cuteness level of my bento! <3

Re: Bento vendor news: Bento accessories giveaway at All ...

Hi everyone - just a reminder: you need to leave a comment on the All Things For Sale site to enter the giveaway. I love reading your comments here but they don't let you enter the giveaway. ^_^; Click here to go to the page where you comment to enter.

Re: Bento vendor news: Bento accessories giveaway at All ...


While I have not (yet) started making bento regularly, I do want to slip in a note to you to say thank you, very, very much, for all the work and love you've put into both JustBento and JustHungry. I can't remember how I stumbled onto the site, but over the past two months I've been sharing it with anyone who will listen. A friend now commiserates with me how his browser tabs are nothing but your recipes! He picked up the JustBento book, which is now next on my list.

I've always adored Japanese food, but placed the cuisine into the category of "special treat at a restaurant". I cannot tell you how much my cooking arsenal has changed since coming here. A thirty-dollar initial investment in some pantry staples gave me everything I needed to start making incredible meals, all from scratch! My freezer is full, I feel as if I have a thousand easy options for healthy meals, and my monthly household food bills has gone down by two-thirds (which was a lovely, unexpected side effect!).

Thank you for sharing all of this. While I wasn't a completely newly-minted cook before, I feel as if my confidence in the kitchen has gone up exponentially. Your joy in making these meals comes through in all of your words and pictures, and I am very, very grateful that you share them with the rest of the world.

Re: Bento vendor news: Bento accessories giveaway at All ...

I received a bento box and the Just Bento book as a bridal shower gift three weeks ago and have been hooked! I have made a bento for lunch every workday since then and have lost 10 pounds! My dress maker is going to have a lot of work to do if this keeps up!!

Re: Bento vendor news: Bento accessories giveaway at All ...

Wow, that is great news! I'm sure you are going to look fabulous on your wedding day ^_^

Re: Bento vendor news: Bento accessories giveaway at All ...

since using bento, i've been eating better.
if food doesn't fit, i don't pack it.
and i can pack lunch and dinner for busy days.
saves me from stopping to get fast food.

and they are so cute!

Re: Bento vendor news: Bento accessories giveaway at All ...

I'm a poor college student working three jobs. I barely have time to catch my breath running from place to place. Making my bento in the morning centers me and gets me ready for my chaotic day as well as it keeps me away from nasty, fattening, greasy fastfood. It also hones my cooking skills, so that on my rare days off, I can feed myself easily. I also bento for special occasions, such as heading to a theme park or a fair. It keeps my boyfriend and I from having to take out a mortgage to feed ourselves for the day. When my admittedly large family gets together, I'm now in charge of all the cooking, which I use my bento skills, namely the quick cooking skills, presentation, and food safety.

Re: Bento vendor news: Bento accessories giveaway at All ...

I love bento-ing. The meals are cute, healthy and pretty easy to make.

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