Bento vendor news: Bento accessories giveaway at All Things For Sale

Here's more news from the bento world. All Things For Sale is having a great bento accessories and tools giveaway - and all you have to do is to leave a comment at the bottom of the page linked here saying why you like bento-ing. One lucky winner will be able to choose between one of 4 adorable sandwich cutter sets, plus a big box of other bento goodies such as cutters, cups, picks, even a panda-bag to carry your bento in!


They will ship the prize for free anywhere in the world, so anyone can enter. (Don't forget, they offer free shipping within the U.S. for regular orders.) Sandwich cutters are cleverly engineered so that there's very little waste after you've cut the cute shapes out of regular sliced bread sandwiches, and are such an easy way to get into cute bento (or lunch box) making for your kids or anyone else. Cut-out sandwiches are great for kids' parties too - or for adults who like playful food! Check up on the list of items you could win, and comment to enter, right here. The deadline is July 11, 2011.

(Just to make sure: you don't enter the giveaway by leaving a comment on JustBento. You leave a comment on the All Things For Sale site. Good luck! ^_^ )

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