Back-to-school Giveaway at Bento USA


The site renovations are still going on, but I just wanted to alert you to a bento goods giveaway that will help you stock up for the new school year (or the school term, depending on where you are). Back to school already?! Yep, it seems so. The giveaway is going on at Bento USA / All Things For Sale. Whether you’re contemplating getting into bento making for yourself or your kids, and they have a number of prizes of useful and/or cute bento goods.

(Disclaimer: All Things For Sale is a longtime JustBento sponsor and friend.)

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Re: Back-to-school Giveaway at Bento USA

Yes, at least out here in SoCal, school is starting in early to mid-August nowadays

Re: Back-to-school Giveaway at Bento USA

I love Bento lunches because they make an otherwise boring workday lunch much more fun! I work with disabled individuals, and they all gather around me everyday to see what I have done to make my lunch cute for that day. Even some of my staff want to see! I love being creative and coming up with new ideas each day. Bento lunches Rock!

Re: Back-to-school Giveaway at Bento USA

Hello Maki, Please let me tell you what a positive influence your blogging about bentos has brought to my life. I love to cook, I always have. But at lunchtime, I always relied on my employer's cafeteria (literally the ONLY lunch option - I work at an extremely remote Radio Astronomy Observatory, miles from anywhere) to provide my lunch because I assumed it would be too much trouble to fix lunch myself. However, recently we had a change in the head chef at the cafeteria, and the food quality took a nosedive. I cannot afford to eat crappy food because of my weight and my age; I would like to lose some pounds, and I would like to live a long life. I have been reading your blogs for a while, so I ordered a couple nice bento boxes online, and decided to start bringing my lunch. Well, not only do I no longer have to worry about finding anything I consider edible at the cafeteria, but now I eat the dinner leftovers instead of letting them rot in the refrigerator. My coworkers at the lunch table look on in envy at the beautiful and nutritious meals I bring, and bemoan the state of the cuisine at the cafeteria. Some of them have started bringing their own meals too. So, thanks for the inspiration. And I LOVE the Monbento box. Also, Rubbermaid makes some nice stackable lunch containers these days. It's really almost completely silly what a difference having nifty bento containers makes, but it does make a difference. I prepare my bentos in the evenings as part of the dinner cleanup process; it hardly takes any extra time.

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Quick bento question

Hello Maki & Bento Community!

I've found this blog to be incredibly useful and inspirational -- I've just purchased my first bento and have been picking out recipes to try on here before picking up your book to try even more! You've done a wonderful job annotating recipes and provided lots of tips to make your recipes more streamlined and practical, but I was wondering if it's OK to prep a bento and store it in the fridge the night before? I leave early and have to cherish every minute of sleep my infant allows me to get at night, and was thinking it would be easier to prep a salad and snacks in my top half, and leftovers/rice and whatnot in the bottom tier beforehand. I would probably store the bento in the fridge at work and microwave it when lunchtime comes. Do you think I'd sacrifice any quality doing this?

Alternatively, do you think storing my Monbento box in the fridge for so many hours would compromise its integrity? It seems like a pretty sturdy bento, which is why I chose it for my first one.

Thanks in advance!

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