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Recipes for great dishes that don't fit in a bento box.

★xx~Ways to eat your rice~xx★

★xx~Ways to eat your rice~xx★ By ziuziuziu x) From my daily life experiences, I know that rice can taste pretty boring :( I have absolutely no idea if these will suit your tastes or not but ... haha just endure it. These are ways to make your rice tastier (or healthier)!! ~~~~FOR THE SWEET-TOOTHS~~~~ You can use fruits such as APPLES , MANGOS , ORANGES , PEARS , PINEAPPLES ... etc ...and cut them up into small pieces. ( small enough to mix with rice i guess..) or Add sprinkles/chocolate chips WARNING THIS IS NOT A GOOD CHOICE FOR DIETERS! :( or


So my nan has had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year, which means every family member has to take some haha! So we now have a bunch of lovely tomatoes, but they are really ripe so I need to use them asap. Just wondering what to do with them. I don't fancy making some sort of ketchup to be honest. I did think of making some mini quiches (bento friendly as well then!) as the whole family should eat that. But not sure what else I could do, quiche seems a bit... boring and samely, especially as mum has made a few over summer already.
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food identification?

hello I figured I might try asking this here, since some of you seem like seasoned food people (no pun intended) There was this vietnamese dish I about 6 years ago from an old friend's parents. It was this yellow pancakey like thing that had vegetables (like green onion) and shrimp incorporated into it, and it was i supposed fried. It resembled egg in my opinion, as it was fluffy and dark yellow though all together in one piece. They served it with fish sauce on the side, and rice noodles. It was oh so good! but I have no idea what it was haha.

curd is great!

hello everyone, i made and tasted my first lemon curd some days ago, triggered by loretta's mushipan recipe in this thread: . maybe someone is interested in how to make fruit curd. i have a recipe from roald dahl's cookbook of which i halved the amounts for try-out (made one bigger and one smaller re-used twist-top jar). it's very easy:

Sesame Miso Soup

I got this idea from Harumi's cookbook. She suggested sesame seed paste, but I couldn't find it anywhere and I don't have a suribachi so I used tahini. It was delicious! Tahini and miso go really well together. Here's the recipe: 1 cup dashi 1 tbsp white miso 1 tbsp tahini silken tofu bok choy, bean sprouts, and cubed sweet potatoes

'Ghost' salmon ideas...

Hi everyone... and happy new yearrrr!!!! I need recipes for my salmon-hating husband... He must eat salmon at least once a week but he refuses to, so I thought maybe you people can help me to disguise both the salmon and its flavor in some dishes? any ideas? He only eats it in sushi (no, i don't understand him) but we just can't eat sushi once per week! thanks in advice!! :D
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Apologies if this is already posted, I did look but couldn't find anything! Has anyone got a recipe for peanut mochi?? I have fallen in love with this snak and really would like to have a go at making my own, but I'd really like a tried, tested foolproof recipe! That's why I thought I'd ask in here :0) Any help or info greatfully received! arkonite babe

Two really easy homemade drinks

I've noticed allot of my freinds don't know how too make iced tea, or even lemonade. I'm sure lots of pepole here have already figured it out. But now that the keenest of us are already thinking ahead too the warmer seasons and all the picnics and outings we're going too have (OK, mabye that's just my social group, but still), I'd hate to think it hadn't occured too people: Lemon iced tea: