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Get Your Bento Stationery!

Bento is hot and hip as we all know! And now, you can have it for your correspondence too. (Drum roll please!...) I present the Obento stationery set. (See listing on Etsy.) I wanted to capture the elegance of bento boxes and share the love of these stylish lunch carriers. A bento box, chop sticks and "Obento" in both Japanese and English adorn this set of 5 cards an envelopes. Bento card 4x5.5 inches - set of 5
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Need basic bento gear? Think you are spending too much? I can help you. :)

(Too long, didn't read? There's a summary at the bottom) Hello there everyone. So I was thinking, I live in the SF bay area (San Jose to be exact) and there is a fair amount of stores that I can get some basic bento stuff supplies from (boxes, accessories, chopsticks, etc... but unsure about the more expensive stuff..). I know that some people who end up buying online spend a pretty penny on some of their bento gear because of the inflated prices, and I wanted to offer a cheaper alternative (that is, if you plan to buy more than a box).

SE England Japanese Organic Veg Box Delivery - & Kings Cross (N. London) collection point

Between April/May and November, Nama yasai will be recommencing their vegetable box delivery service in the South East of England. If you are in the South East of England do please check on the Nama yasai website to see if you can benefit from this wonderful initiative. Londoners can collect boxes from Itadaki Zen = see below Nama yasai supply a range of restaurants and stores in London and their clients include Nobu. Their food is local (not air-freighted) and produced organically without pesticides and with laborious traditional methods.

Bento Lunch Boxes, Bags and Bands now available!

In time for the back to school! Pack a lunch for your child (or yourself) in a stylish handmade lunch bag! I designed these bags originally to accommodate a Japanese bento style lunch box and a bottle of water or juice for my son. The bag folds up small enough to be tucked in a purse or pocket for storage. Also great for : • for American style lunches • as a small project bag • a small tote • a gift bag • a small shopping bag • a purse • Trick or Treat bag for Halloween • and oodles of other uses!
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Otedama (Japanese Juggling and Jacks Game) Sets Available

I've started offering otedama sets again. The first of the improved sets is a cute spring green, white, and eggplant purple with tiny flowers, geometric shapes and ginkgo leaves. If you're not familiar with otedama - it's a traditional Japanese juggling and jacks type game.

Otedama set available for sale here.

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Traditional Japanese Bento Boxes & Bento Trays for Sale

Happy Mall has been in business since 1997, selling destination souvenirs and gifts from around the world. Out of our large inventory, one of our main specialties is Japanese traditional bento boxes. Our selection ranges from small to large, simple trays to fancy 3-piece boxes, and are suitable for daily use or special occasions. Most of our bento boxes are made of plastic

My Bento Website Is Live: Grand Opening

Hi Everybody, My website is live as of Monday morning! I carry a wide variety of hard to find bentos like Isso Ecco, Prime Nakamura, Nikyoro, Cram Cream, Totoro (Skater)...etc. We are based out of Nashville, TN and have already imported the products on our site, so it won't take 2 months. In stock items ship out next day. Come and check it out! Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you all so much! Laura, Owner