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Has anyone EVER seen this stuff?

ok..I am a HUGE Nightmare Before Christmas fan..I found the tupperware sandwich box..I saw this picture on a website http://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/japanese-bento-the-nightmare-before-christmas-6 but I can't seem to find the stuff..I want I want I want :) if anyone has any leads to finding this elusive gear it would be much appreciated (have already tried ebay)

Electric Takoyaki Grill

I'm looking for a tabletop takoyaki grill that I can use in Europe (e.g. not the 110V kind) without needing a giant transformer that would probably cost more than the grill itself because of wattage consumption. Anybody has one just sitting around? Or indeed more preferable... any suggestions where I can get my sticky hands on one? Dying for some Takoyaki... and I can't get them readily here. The only one I've seen online is in the Japan Center in UK and that's a cast iron stovetop one which won't work without a gas stove anyway, since I have an electric hob, it's pretty useless...

Musubi Press?

Can anyone help me find a spam musubi press online with a seller who will deliver to UK pleeeeeaaaassseeeeee!!!! I'm risking my fingers here to make my fav food every time for my bento!

looking for the manga cookbook

I'm a nooblet with bentos and I was interested in buying the manga cookbook from any of you who have it and don't want it. :D I bought a book called Better Bento's or something, but it's a bit too complex with the ingredients. Most of them I probably would have a hard time finding. So I was interested in the Manga Cookbook since i heard its better for beginners and covers basics. Sooo, if anyone is selling it or willing to make a kind donation, I'm here. :D