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Cooking outside the (bento) box.


FOR OVER A YEAR I have been looking for a recipe for "chinese longevity or birthday buns" It might not be japanese, but I AM SOOOOO DESPERATE to find a recipe. I have found a several recipes... None of them turned out like the buns I had. ToT The main problem is that none of them are white, fluffy, and soft like the buns I had. All the recipes I have tried are all a soft brown color, and have a wheaty-yeasty taste. When I asked the waitress how they made them, she said that they buy them in boxes of 100, and come frozen. I really need a recipe. Could someone help me?

Sick Mommy

My mommy came down with pneumonia last week. I am heading home tomorrow after my finals, and I want to make sure I feed her nutritious food, but I also want it to be beautiful! I am planning on trying maki's stewed vegetables on the front page, though I'm not sure if I'll be able to find all the ingredients (if I can find lotus root or kombu in shoprite I will consider it a Christmas Miracle.) You guys probably know lots about macrobiotic and things like that, so any suggestions on what I can make that will help my mom feel better? I promise to take pictures!

Matcha Cookies Help?

Okay, so I want to make these cookies that Maki posted ages ago because I'm addicted to matcha and these look delicious. However, I'm a bit stuck on the amounts. I'm from Canada - we don't use scales in our cooking (here in BC if you own a scale it's seen as.. dodgy). So I'm at a loss as to how much of those ingredients I'd need. Normally I'd just guess, but baking is a lot more precise than cooking, so any help would be wonderful.
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Some general questions on Japanese food

Hello, I have a few general questions on Japanese food. Firstly, what should I do if I have an aversion to alcohol or can't find mirin or sake in the stores near me? I have indeed head of mirin without alcohol but I have also heard it is of poor quality. Secondly, for general rice cooking (not sushi rice) is there a particular way to season it? I suppose that is all for now FP

What should I serve with onigiri and miso soup?

Hey everyone, I'm serving a couple of my friends lunch and am trying to decide what to give them. I've already decided on miso soup and onigiri, but don't know what else to give them. I need something simple, with lots of veggies in it, but something that's still Japanese. Any ideas? I'd prefer not to do anything with rice or noodles, because I am already serving onigiri. However, I'd be okay with a noodle dish. Help please! Thanks Kyandasu