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Question about favorited recipes

I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what happened to my favorites. I know that the site separated justbento and justhungry favorites, but I think I lost a lot of my favorited pages on both sites. For example, I know I had several bento numbers favorited, but now I only have a few. Recipes like Maki's miso-walnut paste are gone. For some recipes, it's oaky because I use them so much that they're easy to find, but I can't remember everything I had in my favorites, and so I might be missing something I had wanted to try before. Any ideas?

one-pot meals for the busy cook

I'm concerned about the health of a dear person in my life. When I met him he ate a lot of fast food, like many college students. Now he's mostly living on canned soups and frozen curries, which are an improvement, but I'm sure you can see why I'm concerned. He knows how to cook well enough to follow any recipe and says he rather enjoys it, but all my efforts to get him to cook a healthy meal at least one day of the week have failed.

What is your recipe for oyakodon?

I'm very pleased to say that there is an AMAZING Japanese grocery near the university I'm transferring to next fall. It has a little cafe that offers soba, udon, curry and other goodies, a great grocery with lots of Japanese produce, ready-made bentos, AND onigiri!. There is nothing like this where I live right now so I'm pretty excited. But anyway, I tried their oyakodon bento and it was delicious! A far cry from my attempts at oyakodon, even though it was cold. I think perhaps I'm too hesitant with the sugar.... Anyone have a good recipe?

Help me through the cauliflower glut

One of the blessings of a dreadful winter was the terrible effect it had on the usually hardy cauliflower crop. Every week I get a box full of vegetables delivered to the door. Occasionally there's something in there I'm not fond of, but usually I can find a way to like eating them, or my husband will finish them off as he isn't nearly as fussy as I am and really loves winter vegetables (an example is parsnips, I can just about tolerate these in muffins but my husband enjoys the taste and will slice and roast a batch in the oven).

Black Sesame Steamed Cupcakes My oven has been acting up lately, so I've been looking for more stovetop recipes. This black sesame cupcake recipe was wonderful, so I thought I'd share. ^^ I can't find commercial black sesame paste, so I used this instead: My cupcakes came out a light gray color instead of a lovely deep black, but they tasted great.
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Oatmeal cooking

New poster here, although I've been following JustBento and JustHungry for awhile now. For some reason, I have quite a lot of oatmeal stocked in my pantry (instant version). Is there any other way to cook oatmeal other than just putting hot water and sugar on it? I'm quite getting tired of that taste, but I don't want to just throw away those oats..