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Long Time no see! I made kimchee sunday. But i have run into a few questions. How spicey is kimchee supose to be? I tried my kimchee today, two days after being made, and it is way way way over spicey. Dad loves spicey food, but my mouth burns after each nibble. Anyway you can tune it down after it's already made? Thanks, Cara
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What are your favorite miso soup combinations?

I love miso soup. One of my favorite things to add is cubed sweet potato and a teaspoon of tahini for added creaminess. Then I have different variations on that: sweet potato/ wakame/ leek/tahini sweet potato/ bok choy/ daikon/ tahini sweet potato bok choy/ bean sprouts/ tahini sweet potato/ asparagus/ wakame/ tahini (If you can't tell I love sweet potato=) Then I also like: eggplant/mushroom sweet corn/ wakame/ zucchini I usually always use white miso. I like red miso better in other types of cooking. Sometimes I add tofu too. I'd love other ideas!


So, it looks like spring is finally here for real, and I am thankful as I was starting to get fed up with winter vegetables :P I've been experimenting with making tsukemono, and I'd like to try making misozuke, however the info and direction I have found online are contrasting, especially about the pickling time, from overnight (for example here ) to two weeks, up to three months (like here °_°
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Drinks question!

Well, the weather's been warming up lately, and drinking hot tea is going to start to be not so nice soon. While I do make plain iced tea, both green and black, I've been enjoying cold milk tea lately. I usually make it the night before, let it cool in the fridge and then drink it in the next couple days. It'd be nice to make it in advance and be able to store it for, say, a week or so. But for some reason, I think that when you heat the milk up, it'll make it spoil faster. I don't know why I think this, and I'm not sure if it's right or not.

Grape syrup ideas?

Hello, I got a bottle of grape juice syrup as a present a while ago. I've used it as pancake topping and with ice cream etc but have been recently wondering if it could be used as an ingredient for any dishes or perhaps pickles? The syrup is not very thick, it's quite liquid in fact. I'm going to experiment with it and see what I can cook up, but any ideas are welcome!

Yakisoba - New York Times, Minimalist

In February Mark Bittman - NYTimes, Minimalist featured this recipe: I have prepared it several times, quite like it, and think that it is going to be part of my rotation. Might not be 'authentic' as Bittman freely admits.
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