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Cooking outside the (bento) box.

lots of pumpkins

hello, i've put some pumpkin seedlings on the compost heap in spring and we had a rather wet summer. now i'm facing a flood of kuri pumpkins! i'm quite happy about my harvest but although i gave away what i could i'm afraid i'll have to consume more than my body weight in pumpkin this year. hope i won't get pumpkin poisoning!

Ok what I have enough to make sushi?

All I could find was sushi rice, suchi vinegar and nori. I have no clue what or even how to get ahold of dashi...and the box of nori says I need wasabi? really? ick. Not a wasabi fan. Toooooooo spicey. But I had this yummy sushi with crab meat and some fish type paste and wanted to attempt something similar. Not sure what to do from here though.

cooking grains in a rice cooker

I just received my new rice cooker, a 3-cup Zojirushi (the European model: NS-LAQ05) and am extremely happy with it. However, I was wondering whether it would be possible to use it to cook grains as well, such as millet, quinoa, bulgur, barley... But I am not sure about how much water I should use and what programme would be best. This rice cooker has 5 settings: white/mixed rice, sushi, quick, porridge and brown rice. So far I have tried only the white/mixed and brown rice setting.
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Help! Cooking in a microwave rice cooker!

My sister is traveling and has no stove or hot plate, so a microwave is her main way of cooking. She bought a microwave rice cooker similar to this one that was also advertised as making pasta, but her husband threw away all the packaging and instructions. I need any instructions for cooking rice and pasta in a microwave rice cooker. Please help. Thank you.
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Shabu Shabu / Sukiyaki hotpot broth recipe?

Why hello there :D So as of maybe the past year, I've discovered Shabu Shabu (on my birthday) and I'm rather addicted. I want to purchase a hotpot so that my boyfriend and I can enjoy Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki at home. 2 of our favorite flavored brothes were a Spicy Miso broth, and a Sukiyaki broth. Now, I know that there is Sukiyaki as a different meal, which is a similar version to Shabu Shabu... but I'm curious of how to recreate the sukiyaki broth for shabu shabu.

Help baking a cake in a rice cooker.

I just got a new rice cooker- Aroma's ARC-856- and it arrived just in time for me to make my sister's birthday cake, even allowing a couple of days for experimentation. This is a 6 cup cooker with no dedicated cake function, but it does have Aroma's version of "fuzzy logic" and multiple rice settings, as well as steam cook and 1 hour and 2 hour slow cook settings, and a delay timer. Has anyone ever made a cake in a similar type of cooker? If I use a mix, do I need to halve it? I don't want to blow up my brand new cooker on the first try!

Caigua/Achocha - cooking ideas?

Having seen a mouthwatering recipe for a Peruvian potato salad and with the subject of Yuca/Cassava being brought up, I see an opportunity for my own Question about Caigua. Maki recommended a UK based company called Real Seeds and I was intrigued with the vigorous climbing plant they call achocha. The plant is doing very well and I'm expecting to start harvesting fruits in about a month from now.

What are your favorite things to do with umeboshi?

I love these! They are so nice and sour. I don't understand why some people think it's gross, but lemons are one of my favorite fruit so I guess I just love sour things. I'd like more ideas on how to eat them. I already like one of plain rice. I have an umeboshi sauce I use on soba noodles with soft tofu and I also made umeboshi fried rice one time that was really yummy. Has anyone tried ume tea?