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Tonkatsu first attempt

Last night I made a great tonkatsu, at least *I* thought it was for my first attempt. Kroger has some great lean pork piece that were the perfect thickness and size. I breaded them with the usual flour/egg/panko dredge and fried them in my sweet new fryolator, complete with basket. They came out surprisingly tender, which I don't usually get from Japanese places. Even tasted good warmed up for lunch today. I'll be trying more soon.

Kale recipes?

I have some Kale that I need to use within the next day or so. I don't buy it very often, so I don't know many ways to prepare it. Does any have any ideas or recipes they can share? Preferably something I can use in a bento. Thanks!

Kidney ideas ?

Hi ! It seems like I must eat more iron-rich foods in order to be able to make my next blood donation... I'd like to eat more kidney products especially, but the only way I ever had kidney was simply pan-fried or pan-seared. I've seen a few recipes suggesting an onion or mushroom based sauce to go with that, but it still does't seem so bento-friendly (the kidneys are still cooked medium-rare). So, have you any ideas or recipe for kidney that would suit a bento box ? [EDIT] Liver recipes are most welcome too ! And offal meat in general in fact... ^^
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Broccoli, a whole lot of broccoli

My husband was very sweet this last weekend and offered to do some of the shopping, unfortunately one of the things he bought was a huge bag of fresh broccoli florets (seriously huge, who can eat 5 lb of broccoli before it goes bad?). Since even thinking about trying to consume that much broccoli within the next couple of days makes me sick, I decided to try freezing most of the bag. I will be blanching a portion of the bag to freeze. Does any one have any other ideas as far as freezable (or possibly freezable, I have enough I can try some things out) recipes for broccoli?

Gyoza help

I've been making gyoza for quite a while and have wanted to start putting them in my lunches. However, for some reason I don't quite know, they turn out soggy (which tastes just fine!) and not very bento-friendly. Is there anything I can do to assure that they won't turn out like this? Thank you :D

Miso Tahini Croquettes

Last night I wanted to make the root vegetables topped with Miso Tahini Nut Paste (, but all I had were baby carrots. I decided to cut the carrots into small pieces, boil them, and mix them with the paste. I then put dollops of this into a mini muffin tin and baked them. They taste good, but they don't hold together very well. How might I refine this croquette variation on the original recipe?