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Things that get better over night

I like to prepare my lunch the night before, but some dishes are not suitable for that. I am looking for more ideas for things that don't suffer from a night in the refrigerator, or, better, that even need to be made a night ahead. Anything that is marinated for example. I just made leek: Chop, cook in bullion, not too soft, then add some olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, parsley, mustard and chopped gherkin. Cover and keep cool for a night.
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do you take sushirolls in your bento?

I have been bento-ing for a year now (and still loving it!) and I have some favourites now. One of them is sushirolls, mainly because they are easy to make, they freeze well (and then keep well in my bento till lunch) and I love them! Of course I don't make them with raw fish, that would be dangerous, but with cucumber, surimi, tinned tuna (or other fish) made into a sort of mousse with mayo and wasabi or chilisauce.... great!! I was wondering if you take sushirolls in your bento too, and if so, what filling(s) dou you use? I'm looking for new things to try!

Simple Haemul- Korean Seafood Pancake

Another simple recipe found on the back of some food ingredient packaging I personally use the Super market prepared flour for the batter 1 Cup of Assi Vegetable Pancake Mix (Flour, Salt, MSG (optional), Baking Powder,and Garlic Powder) 1 Cup of water a content amount of mixed seafood. 1/4 of diced scallions (optional) shredded carrots and vegetable of choice Mix well for the batter then drop the seafood and scallion as well as veges in to the batter, using a heated oil pan poor in the batter, Cook until yellow and then flip.

lazy man's Korean BBQ

In my supermarket they sell a "Korean BBQ sauce" and sometimes to fill a bento sidedish I just drench Pork or Lamb slices in it and roast them over the frying pan, it's not much of an recipe but can be done very fast and tastes pretty good

Selfmade Bean-Bags for inarizushi / aburaage-pouches, fried tofu skins

Hello guys! I want to show you my first attempt to make inarizushi from scratch including frying the aburaage and cut pouches into it. I have read here that it would be impossible to do them at home, because there are special processes to be made by machine. But mine came out pretty well, so maybe you wanna try it, too! :) I just love inarizushi in Bento! <3 My blog is in german language, but you can read in english using google translate, which is in the right sidebar.

Favorite complete bento or individual recipe from Just Bento?

Recently, I lost a lot of my favorite recipes on Just Bento and Just Hungry. Most of them were no longer on my favorites page anymore. Maki suggested using a bookmarking site to save the recipes I liked, and yesterday I finally joined one. I decided to go through all of Maki's posts on Just Bento to find my favorite recipes again, and also to see all the cool posts Maki had made before I joined. In the process, I came to fully appreciate just how much effort and detail Maki puts into her sites!

Bento for a preschooler

Summer vacation is nearly over. My 4 y.o. daughter will be starting school again in less than a month, and I am considering making bento for her. In the previous schoolyear, she mostly had rice and chicken nuggets. I want her to try other stuff as well. I have a few ideas on what to put in her box: Small shaped onigiri Tamagoyaki Shaped hotdogs/sausages Cheese slices (cut with cookie cutters) Noodles with no sauce (she doesn't like sauce on her spaghetti for example)