Not so Japanese recipes

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Homemade furikake no. 4: Spicy curry peanut vegan, vegetarian, staples, johbisai, furikake, not japanese
Hearty meatball and vegetable soup (that's almost a stew) meat, winter, beef, soup, not japanese, low-carb, guy does bento
Grilled Garlic Chicken Tenders and Yogurt Dressing chicken, not japanese, yogurt
Curried kidney beans and vegetables vegan, not japanese, protein, beans
Cheese and parsley microwave omelette eggs, not japanese
Chana Dal with Fennel and Almonds vegan, vegetarian, asian-general, winter, gluten-free, not japanese, beans, also-rans, diabetes, mr. bento, lunch jar
Bento Sized Mini Quiches vegetarian, eggs, cheese, not japanese, guest posts, guest bentos
Bento filler: Zucchini flower blossom-end fritters vegetarian, not japanese, vegetables, zucchini
Bento filler: Stir-fried cabbage with garlic, dried cranberries and balsamic vinegar vegan, vegetarian, sides, not japanese
Bento filler: Spring greens namul (namuru) vegan, vegetarian, sides, not japanese, korean, vegetables
Bento filler: Raw Asparagus, Radish and Parmesan salad vegetarian, cheese, not japanese, salad, spring, vegetables
Bento filler: Green asparagus and scrambled tofu vegan, vegetarian, tofu, sides, not japanese, spring, vegetables
Bento filler: Cherry tomato and leftover vegetable gratin cup vegetarian, leftovers, sides, not japanese, vegetables
Basic taco meat mix staples, johbisai, meat, beef, not japanese
A Frugal Recipe: Curried Lentil Risotto vegan, vegetarian, not japanese, beans, spicy