The Just Bento Cookbook 2 is out! - Plus where to find me (for now)


Update: The Kindle ebook version of The Just Bento Cookbook 2 is now available for preorder! Link

I’m happy to announce that The Just Bento Cookbook 2 is now officially out! It is available from Amazon worldwide and other fine booksellers.

Here are some handy Amazon links. (Disclaimer: these are affiliate links, which bring a small commission to me, at no additional cost to you. ^_^)

If you’re having trouble finding it at your preferred bookseller, please contact the publisher, Kodansha USA, or the distributor, Penguin Random House. Please direct any media inquiries to Kodansha.

Where to find me easiest

Now you may have noticed that this site hasn’t been updated much recently, and that it needs a serious facelift especially for reading on smartphones and tablets. (I know, I do most of my browsing myself on my phone or tablet these days too). That is being worked on…but for now, the easiest place to find me if you have any questions and so forth about the book is on my Facebook page. Alternatively leave a comment on Instagram. The third and last alternative is Twitter, but I check the Facebook page every day while I don’t necessarily check Twitter that often.

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