News from Maki (August 2011)

Maki had to go to the hospital in an emergency, yesterday, August 29. Everything went well, and she is recovering now, although she may well have to stay at the hospital for several days.

We keep the site up and running as good as possible, but it will take some time until new articles will come online.

In the meantime "Get well soon, Maki!"

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The Just Bento Cookbook is one of the top 10 cookbooks of 2011 on Amazon.com

I have already tweeted and er, Facebooked (is that a word?) about this, but I got a nudge from a certain quarter to put it right here too. So here it is, tooting my own horn ^_^: The Just Bento Cookbook was selected by Amazon.com as one of the top 10 books in the Cooking, Food and Wine category in 2011 (so far)! continue reading...

Bento vendor news: Voting for the Bento&co 2011 Contest has started


A quick note to let you know that the top 20 finalists in the Bento&co Contest 2011 (announced here previously) has started! Check out the entries on their blog. continue reading...

Bento vendor news: A great big bento contest by Bento&co


With the kids (or yourself) not in school and the lazy days of summer stretching before you, are you feeling the need for a little bento inspiration? Then the big 2011 Bento Contest sponsored by our friends over at Bento&co is for you! continue reading...

Bento4Japan Giveaway - Bento starter set and adorable handmade bag!


The Bento4Japan fundraiser organized by my fellow bento bloggers has already raised thousands of dollars to aid Japan’s disaster relief - and it’s still running! And, here’s a chance for you to get one of the prizes that was offered! continue reading...

A school ban on bringing lunch from home

A school in Chicago has banned all lunches brought from home, saying that lunch served at school is healthier. What do you think? continue reading...