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I know that quite a lot of people who follow Just Bento and/or Just Hungry are interested in Japanese culture in general. So, this is a very-infrequent plug for my Japanese language mini-lesson blog and Twitter account. The Twitter account is separate from my main chatty Twitter (@bentotips, where I actually rarely tweet any bento tips…); it’s at @mainichinihongo. There is also a companion blog, Hungry For Words, which has longer lessons on occasion. The lessons are not very structured or anything - I just talk about words or phrases that pop into my mind.

So, if you are studying Japanese, or just interested in nihongo, take a look! It’s all part of my mission to spread Japanese culture over the world, like gomashio on rice ^_^.

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Get Started Bento Challenge: Week 3


Welcome to Week 3 of the 5 week Getting Started Bento Challenge! This week’s topic is Money Saving Bentos. continue reading...

Bento Challenge Week 2: My report

My Week 2 in a nutshell: I was fairly happy with my bentos. I’m progressing at bit on my fitness goals - at least I did some exercise! And on the one day when I didn’t have bento, I really felt it. continue reading...

Are you a Menu For Hope winner?

Did you win prize EU03 of Menu For Hope V? If so, you still haven't gotten in touch! Please do so here.

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Get Started Bento Challenge: Week 2


Welcome to Week 2 of the 5 week Getting Started Bento Challenge! This week’s focus is Healthier Bentos. continue reading...

Bento Challenge Week 1: My report

Week 1, Bento 1 of the Bento Challenge Bento Challenge bentos, Week 1 Day 2 Bento Challenge Week 1, Day 3 Bento Challenge Week 1 Day 4 Bento Challenge Week 1 Day 5

My Week 1 in a nutshell: I met my bento-oriented goals for Week 1, but failed to meet my fitness goals. continue reading...

Just Bento Communities

Interested in connecting with other fans of Just Bento, and bentos in general? Here’s how: continue reading...

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