The SIGG water bottle controversy and the water bottle conundrum

About the recent SIGG bottle brouhaha, and - what do you drink with your bento, and in what? continue reading...

The Weekly Bento Planner and Weekly Meal Planner forms in Norwegian, Hungarian and French

The ever popular Weekly Bento Planner and Weekly Menu Planner forms are now available in more languages, thanks to our great international community. In addition to German, Portuguese and the original English, we now have French, Norwegian and Hungarian versions. Go to either page to download them. Many thanks to Ren for the Hungarian and Norwegian translations, Céline for the French version, and Antje for putting the forms together!

The winner of the Back to School Bento Tips contest is...

With so many great ideas, it was really hard to pick a winner! But it finally came down to the great ideas from one busy lady: vesper h, who is a mom of 2, and works full time at a university. Here’s part of her winning entry:

we make and freeze our bento staples on the weekends, which makes it easier for me to pull together a lunch in the painfully-early morning. continue reading...

Share your back-to-school bento strategies!


While we are still in the dog days of summer (at least here in the northern hemisphere), it’s already time for many of us to start thinking about Back to School!

Whether it’s for yourself, your spouse/partner or kids, you may be thinking about incorporating healthy bento lunches into your everyday routine in the fall/autumn. What’s your plan? What about bentos appeal to you (I’m guessing they must, since you’re here!)? Share your tips, ideas, strategies for great bento-ing, right here in the comments. And, there’s a prize! continue reading...

Bento Concept: A charaben site with a touch of elegance


An interview with Diana of the elegant French charaben blog Bento Concept. continue reading...

Bento world interviews

From time to time I interview bento bloggers and other bento-related people. The start page for these interviews is here!

The 3rd Sanrio Charaben (Kyaraben) Contest winners are announced

In Japan, there are numerous bento contests, especially targeted at practioners of the art of charaben or kyaraben, cute character bentos. The biggest one of them all is arguably the annual charaben contest held by Sanrio, now in its 3rd year. The one rule of the Sanrio contest, not surprisingly, is that the bento entries must feature Sanrio characters.

The winners of the contest were announced yesterday. Here’s the Golden Grand Prix winning bento :


Like the winning bento last year, it’s a picnic bento, titled “It’s spring! Picnic bento for everyone”, and the Golden Kyarabeniste is a Ms. Harumi Sugiyama from Saitama prefecture. The bento has the following mind-boggling components: continue reading...

And the winner of the 501 Bento Lunch Boxes book is...

The winner of the random drawing for the 501 Bento Lunch Boxes book is….

red the opinionated from Portland, Oregon! Ms. red, please email me at maki at makikoitoh dot com to claim your prize!

Look for another giveaway on Just Bento or Just Hungry soon!