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white miso or red miso?

Many recipes I've seen here on Justbento and Justhungry call for shiromiso: can I substitute red miso if I don't have the white kind? I've never tasted shiromiso, so I do not know if there is a big difference between the two kinds ...

shiitake mushroom

are dried shiitake mushrooms very different from other dried mushrooms, or if I don't have them I could just use, for istance, dried porcini mushrooms?

sakè or mirin?

I have never used neither mirin nor sakè and would like to buy at least one of them. which one is more versatile, or more useful? is there any brand that you would recommend (available in Italy/Europe)?

New Website about Japanese Cuisine, Travel and Culture

Well, it's fairly new, at least!

I launched Savory Japan, a website about Japanese cuisine, travel and culture in late March, just in time for Cherry Blossom season. It's a new kind of site, comprehensive, vast and deep: with no advertising, beautiful photos, and in-depth articles.

Included is a glossary of Japanese ingredients, articles on Japanese food philosophy, recommended restaurants and ryokans and of course, recipes.

Enjoy, and please feel free to comment or ask questions here on on the Savory Japan blog.

temaki katsuo sheets

Dear Maki,
I'm looking for temaki katsuo sheets after I found some nice recipes in combination with them in Yukiyo Moriyama's "Quick and Easy Sushi Cookbook" (Tokyo 1983). Are they available outside of Japan? A friend of mine is now hunting them in Hongkong, until now without success.
Thanks and congratulations to your great blog! It's really encyclopaedic.