Next Iron Chef

In case you missed it bento boxes where the challenge on The Next Iron Chef tonight. It was a great competition where they had to create a dish of all five flavors, one for each section of the bento. I think that this is a great idea that I'm going to steal for my own bentos. Also each dish had to contain rice and it was interesting all the different kinds.


BBC "Economy Gastronomy" - anyone else see it?

Considering the aim of so many of us to become more frugal in our lifestyles, I was rather looking forward to this series hoping I could pick up some useful tips.

Alas, the series wasn't aimed at me at all. continue reading...

Celebrity Masterchef 2009 - OR - 'Do Strawberries go with Goat's Cheese?' :)

Has anyone in the UK (or elsewhere, for that matter) been watching the new series of Celebrity Masterchef? As usual, most of the 'celebrities' are people I have never heard of, but it's been good viewing so far until tonight. continue reading...

MasterChef Australia

I am a big fan of the original UK version of MasterChef on BBC2. (I even did the ingredient challenges for series 3 and blogged my attempts on Just Hungry. I blog about MasterChef a lot.)

Anyway, I recently discovered the Australian version of MasterChef via nefarious (cough) means. It’s quite different from the British version, but I’m hooked! continue reading...