Cheeseburger Musubi

Spam musubi are popular around our house, but I had an idea to add a little variety.

ground beef
short-grained rice, cooked
American cheese slices
dill pickle, diced and well-drained (optional)
onion, diced (optional)

I used the musubi mold to make thin (1/2" thick) hamburger patties.
Season (I used Montreal Steak Seasoning), then fry. They'll shrink some as they cook, so when you flip them press down on the patties with the spatula to spread them out a little bit. When done, set on paper towels to drain well. continue reading...

Rice ideas???

Hey everyone,
I finally got my bentos in the mail... *jumping up and down* and I need ideas for flavoring the rice. Unfortunely I can't think of anything beyond putting boullion cubes in the water when I steam the rice. My family also hates most veggies so I am stuck...

Got another idea...

Got another recipe idea. I normally cook this for my family but I was thinking about changing it up some.
1 1/2 lb. ground beef
garlic salt
1/2 of an onion
garlic clove
ground pepper
6 medium potatos
3 beef boul. cubes (prepare with 2 1/2 cups water instead of 3 cups)
1 box beef broth

Brown ground beef with onion, garlic, garlic salt, parsley, and pepper. Use as much of the spices as you want because when you add the beef boul. and the beef broth it will reduce the spices. continue reading...

Storing Rice

Cooking rice usually takes me at least an hour, and I usually only get home at 5 in the afternoon. I also don't like eating very late in the day, so naturally cooking is a bit of a time conflict, and I'm usually trying to find ways to cut down on the time I use to cook rice. I figure cutting out rice washing would cut time in half. But is it a good idea to store rice after it's been washed and drained for a long time, or should it be used pretty soon after?

Does anyone else eat their bento too soon?

I pack myself a bento on the days when I'm taking the kids into town and staying at university (where I am no longer a student, but I just can't be bothered driving home when I know I'll need to drive back in a few hours). I just hang out in the student lounge at the Catholic chaplaincy, and find if I have a bento lunch I usually have to eat it before eleven because I just can, and it's so delicous, sitting there tempting me with it's smiley Kitty face. Then I'm hungry by 3, because I ate too soon. continue reading...

Rice cooker help(do I really need one?)

(An interesting discussion from the forums. Jump in, and enjoy your weekend!)

I do the cooking as my SO has a tendency to burn boiled water. He came with a massive 1-setting cheapo rice cooker, and he doesn’t understand why I want to boot it into space. It’s a 10-cup cooker, at least, and at most we only need a couple cups at a time. I’ve had to resort to cooking rice in a pot so I don’t have to make a cup extra just so it can get burned to the bottom. continue reading...

Sweet savoury glutinous sticky rice

Hi all, I made this : http://www.grouprecipes.com/55939/savoury-sweet-glutinous-sticky-rice.ht... a couple of weeks ago. Yum! To make it gluten free I didn't add the sausage and added some chinese five spice powder (which I figured would give a similar flavour to the sausage). It bentoed beautifully, even from frozen. Though it's not very photogenic.

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I remembered to unfreeze the rice so we could have rice today for lunch. I must say Maki's tip for freezing rice works extremely good.
To be honest, I doubted the rice would taste good but now I see I was completely mistaken. Arigatô Maki-san! ^^ continue reading...