Chickpeas salad

Now that spring is coming I'm thinking about some warm weather friendy recipes that my mother usually makes. And this is what i remembered:

Chickpeas salad (4-5 servings)

- 1 flask of pre-cooked chickpeas (these are sold in spain, i guess the total wheight of the boiled chickpeas is about 300 gr).
- a bag or a can of green olives (better to use the 'manzanilla' variety, even better if they are sold without the stone) (like 100 gr). Do not use black olives, their taste won't go well with the salad!
- 1 medium size tomato
- 1 boiled egg (optional) continue reading...

Broccoli help!

I've always hardboiled broccoli and sometimes roast it a bit before putting it in my bento but I find it rather soft and mushy and it doesn't have any kind of flavor (we usually dress it with some vinegar), besides the color is not very appealing.

I thought about steaming it in my rice cooker (that way it'd be brightly colored) but I don't know how much time should I keep it? Should I roast it after steaming?
can broccoli actually be roasted or fried raw??


I found a market near my place that sells fresh avocado and i love it so i thought of buying a lot and store them in the fridge but I never "owned" avocado so I need some advice...

- How much will an avocado last in my fridge?
- Can I pre-peel and cut them and store them in a tupper-ware in the fridge?
- Should I buy them when they are hard to touch or when they are slightly 'bland'?
- if I put them in my bento will they get brown? Should I wash them with lemon juice first?

any bento-friendly recipe involving avocado will be VERY welcome! ^^

Thanks in advance! ^^

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#4 - 20090219

Today's bento.
That's all for this week. I managed to made 4 bentos as I wanted to, so objective accomplished! :) continue reading...

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#3 - 20090218

I remembered to unfreeze the rice so we could have rice today for lunch. I must say Maki's tip for freezing rice works extremely good.
To be honest, I doubted the rice would taste good but now I see I was completely mistaken. Arigatô Maki-san! ^^ continue reading...

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#2 - 20090217

I forgot to take out the frozen rice I made on sunday (again) so I had to cook pasta again!... So it was almost the same bento as yesterday but it was tastier as I didn't forget to add the dressings this time ;) continue reading...

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#1 - 20090216

This is not the first bento i made in my life but the first for my saving money plan... continue reading...

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First post!

Just to try this :D continue reading...