hi and thanks!

Just a quick note to say 'hello' and thanks for putting this page together, esp. the parts about shopping for Japanese ingredients around the world. Recently relocated to Switzerland from US and am desperately missing the Japanese markets there. Am getting quite handy at improvising :) The information here is much appreciated....thanks again!

Lo from Slovenia

Lo from Slovenia. continue reading...

Good day from England

Hi, i'm saffron, i'm 20 years old and i like just outside london continue reading...

Guten Tag from Germany

Hello everybody!

Being boring as I am I couldn't think of a fancy titel, and just followed the mainstream.

I stumbled over bento making a few days ago, when me and a few friends decided to skip the cafeteria for good now. I'm a full time university student, and spent most of my time working on either my master thesis or my job as an assistant researcher to a professor. Both those things combined equal lots of time spent at university, and zero time to eat. And our cafeteria starts to get boring - after four years of living here, the foods starts to come out of my ears. continue reading...

Hiya from Hobart

Hi! My name is Stephanie, I'm fifteen and recently stumbled upon this site while searching up the term 'laptop lunches'. Since that fateful day less than a month ago, I've bought myself two bento boxes, a cupboard full of Japanese ingredients and a whole lot of mochi (it's so delicious!). I've cooked a few recipies from Just Bento-- not very well, but they tasted okay. I look forward to cooking more bento for my school lunches in the future.

Maki, if you ever read this, I just wanted to thank you for opening up a whole new world of food to me. Your efforts are appreciated!


Howdy from Texas!

I FINALLY got my first bento boxes today! I ordered them from Ichiban-Kan (for only $1.50 each!!!) I've already filled them with my and my fiancé's lunches for tomorrow ^_^ I'm so excited! I LOVE the idea of making cute lunches from what you already have at home. I need to lose a few pounds and save a few bucks so finding this community and way of eating will really help me. continue reading...

Bento Love <3 from MN

Hello everybody!

I am Tala Rayne (not my real name) from MN, USA. I have loved to make obento for a long time, but usually do not actually do it >.< I hope to start again, because it is cute and also to help me with portion control!! I like to eat A LOT!

I went back to Taiwan over winter break and bought some small animal sauce container (like on and some furikake shakers and I want to use them now! <3

Other things I like are: continue reading...

Hi from Madrid!

Hi people!

I've been a really long-time lurker to Maki's sites and now I've decided to finally go into bento on a regular basis. So... I hope we'll be friends!

Next week I'll start my bento routine! yay!