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Bentos on!

AnnaTheRed has some geeky bentos featured on!

Very clever. Check them out!

I'm looking for a certain bento blog...

I think it hasn't been nominated yet in the nomination thread, but it's a bento blog ( blog with bentos), where the blog author/mom puts little Post-It notes in her child's bentos, with cute messages on them.

I think the author is in Australia, but not 100% sure. I can't find it anymore and obviously I forgot to bookmark it or subscribe to it!

Does this ring a bell for anyone?


Does anyone here keep up with BentoTV ( I followed it because even though it was very simple and basic recipes, she had some nice ideas for a beginner bento. She also has one of the largest selections of bento supplies I've seen on ebay (, and she was very reliable in shipping. So far all of my bento stuff has been bought from her.

She hasn't updated in a while and I even emailed her to see what was up. I was wondering if anyone followed her and knew something. It'd be sad to see her nice video blog die. :/