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Bento Box & Chocolate Giveaway

I'm giving away bento boxes this year at Not Exactly Bento. This month's current giveaway details can be found here:

Thanks for looking. Thanks Maki for letting me PR my event here on your forum. I appreciate it!

Not Exactly Bento

New Blog

I just opened a new blogsite on blogger with the help of members in this community. Feel free to stop by and say hello .

www [dot] new2bento [at] blogspot [dot] com

Contest at the Bentocracy

Hi all,
just wanted to invite you to stop by my blog to check out a new contest--win a bento box!
Thank you,

New Website about Japanese Cuisine, Travel and Culture

Well, it's fairly new, at least!

I launched Savory Japan, a website about Japanese cuisine, travel and culture in late March, just in time for Cherry Blossom season. It's a new kind of site, comprehensive, vast and deep: with no advertising, beautiful photos, and in-depth articles.

Included is a glossary of Japanese ingredients, articles on Japanese food philosophy, recommended restaurants and ryokans and of course, recipes.

Enjoy, and please feel free to comment or ask questions here on on the Savory Japan blog.

New Blog

I just started a new bento blog, why don't you come have a look and tell me what you think!


want to follow a teen packing bento?

hello everyone :)
I love looking at the clever bentos here, and I finally joined today! I'm into everything to do with food, so bento just adds to the excitement. I went to japantown in san francisco last week and got some Ichibankan goodies, since then I've been experimenting and posting on my blog, which I hope you'll visit! link in siggie

Also looking for a certain bento blog!

I am looking for a bento blog that is about Japanese school lunches or Kyushoku. The woman that blogs about this takes almost daily pictures and descriptions of the lunch that is provided for her at the elementary/preschools that she visits. She sometimes puts up a menu from an American school lunch too, for comparisison. Ring any bells?
Thank you in advance!

Giveaway at Not Exactly Bento

I have a little giveaway that I started today at Not Exactly Bento:
I'm going to reach #200 bento soon and I'm very pleased with myself about that. For details, visit the link above. :)