A long-time Miso question

Hello JB! :D This is my first forum I create, and it's a question that has been perplexing my little mind for quite awhile. :] I am wondering three things:
1) What is the differences between the types of miso *red, white, etc.?
2) What kind of miso is best to use for miso soup?
3) Is there a way to make the condensed miso (like I've seen for other soups) to pack into a bento?
Thank you very much for your time minna,

Dinner tonight

Not sure which I am going to make for dinner tonight. Either a dashi broth with some udon, shimeji, baby bok choy, and some fish pieces like turbot and a little rice or maybe some marinated gindara(?) thats done in mirin, miso and sake with a side of veggies.

We are trying to eat more health conscious and both options seem to be good.

Packing Soup for Kindergartener

I've never worried before about packing soup in a thermos; it has always seemed really straightforward. My kindergartener has just requested miso soup for his lunch. I'd love to send some, but I'm nervous about sending a thermos full of hot soup for a little guy (fearing scalds).

Is it safe to pack it less than boiling, piping hot? Or should it cool down between 6:30 and 11 am enough to be pleasantly warm instead of scalding?

What's the name of this?

I have a feeling this will get long, sorry in advance.

Maki, I'm looking for the name of a certain type of soup.
I work (and live) in Japan and my boss made me a soup of potato, carrot, sausage, a generous hunk of ham, daikon, and some other vegetables in hearty chunks. It was a simple taste but I enjoyed it.
A few weeks later my Japanese mom e-mailed me this recipe for "Vegetable Potof" (WARNING: After living in America for over 30 years, my mom still cannot speak or write in English) continue reading...